January 17, 2018
By Kate MacLeod

Everyone wants to look their best on photo session day. Choosing what you'll wear with a little care is important, and beyond that, looking good for your pictures is mainly a matter of getting yourself comfortable and relaxing into the experience. Here are a few things to keep in mind before you arrive for your session.



   1.  Keep your clothing choices simple. Wear solid colours, and avoid stripes and any large patterns. This will help to emphasize your face, which contributes to a strong business portrait.


   2.  After your clothing choice has been decided, getting what you want from your photos involves working with your photographer. If past photography experiences have left you feeling a little unphotogenic, share your thoughts on this. Mention any concerns to your photographer. Part of his or her job is to offer advice that will help you look great in your new business headshot.


   3.  Here's a quick and easy photo trick. Take a moment to think about tweaking your posture as you're being photographed. Pulling up a little from the center of your backbone makes for a more flattering (and thinning) portrait.


   4.  In a business portrait, coming across as comfortable and confident in photos tends to look good on everyone. Give it a try, even if you are completely faking it. After a few minutes with some guidance, you'll feel more natural and this will translate into better pictures.


   5.  Take the pressure off yourself to be perfect when you arrive for your session. Then try to remember the following point. No one single shot during your photo session really counts for anything because there will be many frames shot. Later you will ideally want to see a good selection of proofs to choose from, but you'll likely only need one or two of them to be 'it.' Keeping this in mind - that you're working towards only one or two images - will make your session feel easier and more relaxed.



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June 08, 2017
By Kate MacLeod


Have a look at a few views from inside the Halifax Headshots Photography studio, above. Clockwise from upper left: a scene looking out on to Barrington Street from inside the studio, a typical setup for a headshot session at the studio, another look at setting up for a client, the building exterior and entrance, another area of the studio interior, and (centre image) one more view looking out across Barrington Street.


Halifax Headshots Photography is located within Aperture Studios in the Phinney Building at 1678 Barrington Street, near the corner of Prince and Barrington Streets. There is 90-minute meter parking in the area, and a parking garage about a 5-minute walk away on Granville Street.


Here is a bit of historical Halifax trivia -- the Phinney Building itself dates from the 1820's and has the distinction of being the oldest commercial building on Barrington Street, having originally housed Thomas Forrester's dry goods business. People who visit Halifax Headshots Photography often comment that they enjoy the character of the older building.


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April 04, 2017
By Kate MacLeod

You may feel it's time to redo your current business portrait, but perhaps a studio headshot isn't what you had in mind. You want new images which will reflect your professional brand -- something to take place in a non-studio setting. At the same time you'd like to show your clients a little of who you are, because to them your business is you.


For a more creative + casual approach, consider going with an outdoor Lifestyle Business Portrait. Springtime in Halifax is just around the corner, and so are beautiful outdoor images for your business needs.


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February 22, 2017
By Kate MacLeod

Coming away from your headshot session experience with a subtle variety of looks is always a nice thing. If you're interested in having two finished images rather than one, the 90-minute Extended Session may be for you. (For more on photo session options, please refer to "Which session is right for you?" on my About page.)


The Extended option gives us time to work together with more than one clothing choice to create a couple of different looks for you. For instance you may decide to dress more formally for your website profile photo + LinkedIn, and more casually for something that might be used mainly on Facebook.


Or maybe you'd prefer to have a single traditional head-and-shoulders image, as well as a longer body shot.


With the longer session option, we have the time for more than one possibility.


The Extended includes lots of proofs to view and your choice of two finished image files.


Do you have questions about the Extended Session? Please get in touch. You can reach me directly at 902 497-7627 or at