Hello, I’m Kate MacLeod (that's me in the green), owner and photographer at Halifax Headshots Photography. I specialize in providing studio portraits for business and corporate use, and am located in the downtown Halifax area. Thanks for taking a few minutes to read along here.


A little about me


It was the early ‘80’s and I wanted to try something new but couldn’t decide which NSCAD evening course to sign up for. Somewhat randomly, I chose a photography class, and I loved it.

Fast forward from then to now, and my one constant has been that I’m in my element taking pictures of people. Portraits of one kind or another are and always have been "it" for me.

Lots more formal and informal study followed after that initial photo class, and (skipping ahead) eventually I made the transition to Halifax Headshots Photography. I am still taking pictures of people, and now concentrate on business and corporate portraits.


What can you expect?


Someone once told me that my business pictures look more “human” than others they had encountered. I loved hearing that. Helping my clients to feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera plays a large part in keeping their pictures pleasingly natural-looking. A successful portrait should show a little of who you are, and for business purposes it should emphasize you at your professional best.


My clients often tell me it was fun


However even when you know you need a new business headshot, the barrier that remains for some people is simply that they haven’t experienced a studio session before and they aren’t entirely sure about the idea. They wonder if they’ll be asked to smile for a full hour, or if they should know what to do in advance.

To those of you who may feel this way, let me put your minds at ease.

Throughout your session I will explain what we’re doing, offer direction, and provide encouragement. If you’d like to think of it this way, feel free to consider me as your personal photo coach for the afternoon.

I understand that not everyone walks through the door feeling confident and ready-to-go. In reality it’s a bit of a process and takes a little time.


Which session is right for you?


Halifax Headshots Photography offers a choice of two in-studio session options, the Standard Session and the Extended Session.

The Standard Session option is my most popular appointment choice.

If you'll need one finished image from your photo session, and are interested in coming in to the studio for about an hour, and with one clothing choice, the Standard will work well for you.

Are you considering multiple uses for your new business portrait?

If so, the 90-minute Extended Session will give us more time to work together toward a couple of different looks during your studio visit.

With this option you may want to bring more than one clothing choice with you. You could opt for both a casual and a more formal head-and-shoulders look, or maybe you'd like to have a headshot as well as a full or three-quarter length image.

The Extended package will give you two finished images for use with your online, print, and social media business profiles.

For more details on what to expect from an in-studio business or corporate headshot session, please call or email.


My Session Guarantee


If for any reason you book a session and aren't entirely pleased with the results of your appointment after you receive your proofs for viewing, please let me know. My goal in working with you is for you to be completely happy with the outcome of your session. Should the proofs not be what you were looking for, my policy is to either schedule a reshoot for you at no cost, or to refund of the full price of the session fee.


Like to know more?


Halifax Headshots Photography caters to the Halifax-area professional, providing beautiful business and corporate portraits + an upbeat photo session experience. Whether you are an independent small business owner, part of a larger office group, or a professional within the local arts community, all inquiries are welcome.

Pricing starts at $195 + HST. For more detail on what you can expect from a studio appointment, please contact me at kate@halifaxheadshots.com or at 902 497-7627.


902 497-7627  l  kate@halifaxheadshots.com